Tony, Pam and Sam Remember…

On December 31st at midnight, like most families we welcomed the New Year looking forward with anticipation to what the New Year may bring.  A group text wishing a “Happy New Year” goes out to us all and we are thankful to share a family bond such as ours.   Then 30 days later, on January 30th another group text goes out to us all saying, “thinking of you today”.   It is the third text of its kind and it marks the third anniversary of our Mothers senseless and tragic death at the hands of a drunk driver.  We think of where we were when we received the life changing news, we still shed tears and we reminisce on all of the things we miss about our mother who was the best mother on earth and is now our guardian angel in Heaven.

We are confident she is smiling down upon us, very proud and humbled by all that has been done in her name.  We are still heartbroken that she is gone and we are sad for all that she has missed.  She missed momentous events in her grandchildren’s lives, from high school and college graduations, to proms, sporting events, first jobs, and her grandson’s enlistment in the Air force.   She also missed significant events in the lives of her children, her oldest son’s 50th surprise birthday party and her youngest son’s retirement from the Marine Corps.  This list is not all-inclusive; there are many more events, some very personal and some as simple as just needing a mom to talk to.

Our story is sad but we are certainly not alone.  We have joined an ever-growing population of families who have been indelibly marked by tragedies caused by drunk drivers.  They have sad stories as well and we all share the common thread that we have tragically lost a loved one who we will miss everyday.  As we said at the very first race, mom would be happy if her death sparks a raised awareness and has a positive impact on a community, a family or a single person.  This event has received incredible support every year and we are truly grateful to each and every one of you.

Once again we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, please continue to support this event and run mad for Shirley and all of the voiceless victims of drunk driving.  If there is one thing we know for certain, mom would never stop running mad for everyone whether she knew you or not.



Tony, Pam and Sam