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In Memory of Shirley Sayre and Other Victims of Drunk Driving

On January 30th 2012 at 4:47 p.m. our mother, Shirley (Franklin) Sayre was killed in a head on collision when a car traveling at more than twice the speed limit crossed the median and hit the vehicle she was traveling to work in.   This tragedy became even more devastating when we learned that the young woman driving the vehicle that hit her was driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.  She even had open containers of Vodka in the vehicle that she was consuming while she drove.  As we struggled to cope with the fact that our mother was taken from us in such a senseless and preventable tragedy we learned that the young woman that killed our mother was also driving under a suspended license.  Her license had been suspended because she was arrested for Driving Under the Influence four months prior and was awaiting trial.  

Our mother was born in Bellevue Ohio on June 20th 1944, she was the second of two children.  Her older brother Tom Franklin resides in Arizona.  She was a graduate of Fremont Ross High School.  She was married to our father Rod Hotz for 12 years.  In 1979 she married our stepfather David Sayre and they have been married for 32 years. She lived in Fremont until 6 years ago they chose to move to South Carolina.

While in Fremont Mom first worked as the office manager at Infant Items then eventually went to Famous Supply where she retired just before moving to South Carolina.    Never able to sit still, she came out of retirement and she and Dave worked with weight watchers and they made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of people.  

Throughout our lives Mom was very active in everything we did. She always made time for us and she truly enjoyed being with us.  Mom always had time for board game, a game of cards, a bike ride or a trip to the roller skating rink.   She was active at our school by volunteering for field trips, working in the cafeteria and helping out with after school activities.  She was a mom that never missed a sporting event.  Everyone knew she was there because she cheered louder than any other parent in the stands.  If by chance you missed her in the stands she would tell you all about her kids in the hallway or the bathroom after the event.  She was the quintessential “proud mama” and we will all miss our number one fan.   Every memory we have from the important events in our lives includes a memory of Mom being there.

Our mother was a woman of faith who loved God and her family.  If you met her she probably told you all about her kids.  She would talk about us as if we were the only kids in the world, and in her world we were.  This tragedy has made us realize how lucky we were to have a mother that loved us the way she did.   This tragedy has also opened our eyes to the heartbreaking impact that driving under the influence can have on a family.        

We hope to bring awareness to all victims of drunk drivers and honor our mother’s life through this 5K.  We would like to thank the Bethel Tate Cross Country Parents for organizing this event, we are grateful for your compassion.  We would also like to thank all who sponsor, volunteer and choose to run this event.  

We know that Mom would be very touched and overwhelmed with emotion to see all that has been done in her name.   She would be very happy if her death sparks a raised awareness and has a positive impact on a community, a family or a single person.  Let us run mad for Shirley because there is no doubt she would run mad for all of us whether she knew you or not.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Tony, Pam and Sam